How to Save Your World from Harm

This in-progress book takes you on the ultimate adventure — answering the question of how to save your world from harm. Its 5 sections reveal:

  • How to Get Started
  • The 5 Insights
  • The 5 Contexts
  • How to Regenerate Communities
  • How to Rebuild Societies
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Book Cover

How to Save Your World from Harm

consists of 5 sections, each containing 5 stages to guide you on the ultimate adventure!

Currently available sections include:

  • Section 1 : Getting Started

    1. What does it mean to save my world from harm?
    2. Why is the world in need of saving?
    3. Why can I rely on this guide?
    4. Who am I to save my world from harm?
    5. What do I need to know to get started?

  • Section 2 : The 5 Insights

    6. Separation is an illusion
    7. Existence is the vibration of consciousness
    8. Existence is fractal
    9. Dynamic equilibrium fuels life
    10. Wellness results from cooperation

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