Spiritual Support

What is Spiritual Guidance Counseling?

Spiritual Guidance Counseling

1-on-1 support for you on your spiritual path

  • It helps to have a guide.

    As you step forward in your life, spiritual guidance helps you to consciously make the most of the path you are on.

  • You are co-evolving with life.

    As life is constantly in the process of changing, spiritual guidance supports you in co-evolving with it.

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What is Atmajna Awakening?

Atmajna Awakening

Facilitate your soul's embodiment

  • Review of energetic blockages
  • Supervised breathwork
  • At-home exercises
  • 10 guided sessions
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What is Hypnotherapy?


Access your subconscious, past lives, and beyond

  • Awareness

    Become aware of the subconscious stories that have been driving your behaviors, preventing you from living your fullest life.

  • Empowerment

    Choose the stories that you consciously wish for yourself. Empower your life by having your subconscious be your ally.

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