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I began my journey to become a Systemic Wellness Advisor in 1995, after earning a dual degree from Indiana University in Philosophy and Computer Science, specializing in applied logic, with minors in Mathematics and the History and Philosophy of Science. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I put my education to work in the field of software design and development before becoming an independent web applications consultant and developer in 1999.

After focusing on systems design and development for over a decade, in 2012 I experienced a spiritual awakening that led me to put aside my business and technical consulting in order to study a wide variety of spiritual practices, healing modalities, and approaches to spiritual and personal growth. This transition led me around the world on numerous paths of exploration and learning.

Erez Ascher

From 2012 through 2015, my studies focused on various forms of emotional release work and tantric practices. In 2016, I began exploring the spiritual use of plant medicines while training and becoming certified as a hypnotherapist. In 2017, I began writing my first book, Actual Understanding, which I published in 2018. Even before publication, however, it was clear to me that I needed to better apply the incredible knowledge that I had accrued through my years of study.

As it became ever more apparent how to do so, I began to work on How to Save Your World from Harm in early 2018. This effort involved multiple unsuccessful attempts at creating a social movement based on the book, taking me throughout the American West and Europe in the process. What I discovered was that people were not yet well enough in themselves to handle what saving their world would actually require of them.

So, I put my things in storage, became a global nomad, and set off on a new quest in December of 2018. The purpose of this quest was to strengthen the application of my spiritual knowledge and determine how to support people in being well enough in themselves to save their world from harm. In 2019, I started to develop SERAVIVA as a way to offer the world a practical means to transition into healthy and fully sustainable communities. In 2020, right before the Covid lockdowns, I returned to California and posted the first version of the Soterian Guide to guide people towards creating a world of wellness, happiness, and prosperity for all.

After 3 years of work, in 16 countries on 4 continents, my quest culminated in 2021 with the publication of Feel. Love. Now..., an 18-week program to create personal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness that I had tested on myself thoroughly during my travels.

Since 2021, with my quest completed, I have come to understand that the underlying theme to all my efforts has always been systemic wellness, increasing the ability of people and things to function as a whole. Whether individually or collectively, personally or organizationally, I am here to support people and organizations in being as well as we wish to be.

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