Erez Ascher

Erez Ascher is a wellness coach and consultant, a philosopher, author, speaker, and entrepreneur whose love for humanity and dedication to the well-being of both people and planet have led him to focus on addressing life's most pressing issues.

Mr. Ascher's first book, Actual Understanding, illuminates how one can understand reality and actualize wellness at all levels of being. His upcoming book, The Soterian Guide to Saving Your World, contains a clear, practical, and implementable plan to save our world from harm, based on insights offered in Actual Understanding.

Mr. Ascher is the founder of the Soterian Movement and originator of the Soterian Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to guide and support the wellness of individuals, their relationships, communities, and societies so as to bring about the wellness of our world. He is also the founder of the Soterian Consultancy, a consulting firm created to guide and support the wellness of organizations, such as businesses, governments, and nonprofits, so as to ensure that their activities benefit the world.

Erez is based primarily in California and travels the world extensively to speak and share his work.