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Erez Ascher works to support individuals and organizations in increasing the wellness of themselves and others through reconnecting them with their reality. As the author of Feel. Love. Now… a recent book on creating personal wellness physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, he is able to provide clarity, guidance, and assistance to those seeking greater wellness in their lives and in their world.

What is Systemic Wellness Advising?

In the same way that illness is a decreased ability to function, wellness is an increased ability to function. In the same way that illness and wellness apply to individuals, illness and wellness also apply to systems, organizations, and, indeed, to everything that functions in some way.

Much of the personal and interpersonal illness experienced by employees and customers in the industrialized world stems from dissociation. Having evolved in the natural world, human beings find it difficult to care for themselves and others when they are dissociated from the reality of their bodies and their environment. For example, frequently directing one’s attention to mobile phones, computers, televisions, and other sources of entertainment makes it more difficult to be attentive to one’s body and physical environment.

With a dual degree in Philosophy and Computer Science, Mr. Ascher is especially well qualified to support people in the tech sector who spend much of their time developing and using computational systems that facilitate dissociation from physical reality, such as in the fields of gaming, AR, and VR.

By addressing the source of harmful behaviors, rather than wasting resources on cleaning up the messes that inevitably result, organizations are able to help not only their employees and customers but also their own financial success.

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