The Blessing of Blessing

The Blessing of Blessing

Blessings Benefit from Being Acknowledged

In this moment, what are your greatest blessings? Perhaps it’s a loving family, a beautiful home, or a supportive friendship. No matter what it is that you are most blessed with, you may have noticed that your experiences of life can sometimes distract you from your blessings, even the ones you cherish most dearly. Most often, this happens when you grow accustomed to their presence and forget to acknowledge them.

Blessings benefit from being acknowledged. When you shine the light of your loving awareness upon them, blessings shine the light of love back onto you. So, what better blessing is there to acknowledge than the blessing of blessing itself?

A blessing is an expression or manifestation of support. And so, “to bless” is to support or express support for what is being blessed.

A loving family, a beautiful home, and a supportive friendship are each blessings because each is an expression or manifestation of the support you have in your life. Just as you are able to be blessed, you are able to bless others. Just as others are able to be a blessing to you, you are able to be a blessing to others. So, how might you best bless your blessings?

Here are 5 ways to get started:

1. Express support for what supports you.

As a social species, being cheered on energizes and strengthens us. Just as receiving expressions of support strengthens you, you can express your support for others to strengthen them. By expressing support for what supports you, you literally bless your blessings, which helps your blessings to bless you. Even if you are the only one hearing your expression of support, that is still enough for your blessings to benefit from your acknowledgment, due to the positive subconscious influences that expressions of support have within you.

2. Support what supports you.

Mutual support is inherently more supportive than having one individual bearing an entire load. As you are blessed with skills, strengths, and talents with which to support others, you are able to provide that support to whatever and whomever supports you. By adding your strength to what strengthens you, you bless your blessings, magnifying both the support you are able to give and the support you are able to receive.

3. Support yourself.

When you support yourself, you implicitly bless your blessings by lightening the load of those who are supporting you. Your ability to support yourself enables you to rely on yourself — which then makes it possible for others to rely on you. By supporting yourself, you enable mutual support to be spread out over time, rather than requiring others to always be available to support you.

4. Support others.

When you support others, you treat those others as the blessings that they are. In this way, you explicitly bless your blessings. When you support others without expectation, you give them the gift that is you. By doing so, you enable the blessings of mutual gifting, in place of the burdens of self-interested exchanging.

5. Support life itself.

By supporting the animals, plants, land, air, sunlight, water, and the rest of the fullness of life, you bless the most beautiful blessing of all, our amazing Mother Nature. As life enlivens you, you bless your blessings when you support the thriving of life itself. To honor the Earth is to honor the Heart, the heart of all of your blessings, the one that gave birth to humanity and to your human existence.

When you deprive your blessings of your awareness and acknowledgment, you make life more difficult for yourself and others by closing yourself off, refusing to receive life’s gifts of support. By instead acknowledging and becoming more aware of the blessings you are experiencing in each moment, you open yourself to the gloriousness of living a blessed life. So, keep on blessing your blessings and amplify the supportiveness of life itself, as you come to realize just how glorious life truly is.

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