How to Live in Wonder

How to Live in Wonder

Experiencing a Wondrous World

To live in a state of wonder is to live in a state of wow. It is to live in amazement at the beauty, magnificence, and gloriousness of life. It is to open to curiosity while bathing in gratitude. It is to enjoy the feeling of energy coursing through your heart. And so you may be wondering, how can you live in wonder by choice rather than by chance?

To answer such a question, consider what it would be like to live in the utter desolation of complete emptiness. Imagine what it would be like to live without light to see, sound to hear, scent to smell, flavor to taste, or touch to sense. Without having any means to experience the richness of life, you would be left alone with your imagination.

Certainly, your imagination might allow you to imagine infinite possibilities. With an infinite imagination, perhaps you wouldn’t miss the richness of experiencing a world filled with life, since you could thoroughly imagine any world to your own specifications.

Yet, my guess is; if you knew it was possible to experience the richness of life, you would probably want to do so. In fact, if you were only imagining what it was like to experience a world rich with life, you would probably want to forget that you were only imagining the experience, so as not to spoil the illusion.

So, here you are, having just imagined what it would be like to live only in your imagination. And, here you are, experiencing a world of wonder. Perhaps you have always been imagining your experience of this world — but simply chose to forget that you were imagining it. After all, how would you be able to tell the difference?

Either way, here you are, living in a miraculous world filled with an infinite variety of experiences to be had. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful?!

Learning how to live in wonder is not difficult. In fact, you can do it in 5 simple steps:

1. Look around.
2. Listen.
3. Smell the scent of a flower.
4. Taste the flavor in a cup of tea.
5. Touch your hands together and marvel at their complexity and dexterity.

To live in wonder is to be grateful for your awareness of the moment you are in.

If you focus your awareness instead on thoughts that you are not grateful for, such as regretting the past or worrying about the future… Well, no wonder!

It is only by being aware of your experience that you can be grateful for it. If you distract yourself with tasks or numb yourself with substances, such as alcohol — or ice cream, you reduce your awareness of the wonder of being you.

Life is a gift, in the form of the present. To live in wonder is to gratefully receive that gift with your full awareness, again and again with each and every moment.

The more you open your awareness to take in the fullness of your experience, the more wondrous your experience of life is. So, be curious — and let it all in!

Look deeply at the richness of what is before you. Listen, not only to the artistry of music but also to the everyday noises that you have become accustomed to. Smell both the scents you seek and the scents you usually ignore. Taste the subtleties to be found in food and drink. Touch the rough and the smooth, the warm and the cold, the firm and the soft, and experience the totality of the magnificence of being alive in each moment.

A world of wonder is not a destination for you to arrive at, because you are already here and always have been. Living in wonder is not about where you are but rather how you are. This world of wonder is here for you to realize, not just fantasize.

Life is glorious — and filled with wonder. To live in wonder, fill yourself with wonder, by opening yourself to receive each moment. By filling yourself with wonder, you come to know life as wonderful. By overflowing with wonder, you make this world ever more wonderful.

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