Personal Wellness Counseling

When you awaken to just how well you can be, everything changes. You come to learn that your capabilities are far greater than you ever imagined possible, that the world opens to match your openness to engage with it, and that love abounds — both within and without. There is no limit to how well you can be. Yet, there is a limit to how far you can go it alone.

Your wellness is not just physical. It's also emotional, mental, and spiritual. Your personal wellness relates not only to yourself but also to your relationships, community, society, and world. Because everything is interconnected, the storms of life can be quite complicated to navigate. That's why it helps to have sound counsel, to help you stay on course towards a life of ever-increasing wellness.

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Systemic Wellness Advising

In the same way that illness is a decreased ability to function, wellness is an increased ability to function. This means that wellness and illness apply to everything that functions, including your organization. How well the individual people and aspects of your organization function influence how well your organization functions as a whole. How well your organization functions as a whole influences how well the individual people and aspects of your organization function.

Because everything is interconnected, optimizing the wellness of an organization requires more than incremental improvements. It requires synergistic improvements, which only come about through systemic wellness. Systemic wellness is the increased ability of a system to function as a whole. It's what enables an organization to thrive by being more open to change, more capable, more aware, more loving, and more unified. As a systemic wellness advisor, I offer support to increase both

  • Individual Wellness

    The wellness of your staff and customers as individuals

  • Organizational Wellness

    The ability of your organization to function cooperatively

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