Allow yourself to overflow with love.

Love has no limits. It is only we who place limits upon it.

We limit the love we feel whenever we contract our nervous system, in response to the fear or pain we feel. We limit how loving our actions are whenever we choose to act upon our thoughts instead of acting upon the love we feel.

By placing limits on love, we reveal to both ourselves and others that we are afraid of love, that we do not trust it. After all, why limit something that we each desire more deeply than anything else in our lives?

We fear love because of how powerful it is, how it is able to overtake our thoughts to the point that we are “out of our minds”. Yet, what if that is exactly where we need to go, out of our minds and into our hearts?

When you stop placing limits on love, you release the flood of love that is always available within your heart. Yes, sometimes it’s scary and sometimes it hurts. Yet, like water, love nourishes life. Like water, love knows where to flow.

Allow love to flow through you by allowing love to overflow your heart. Release the love that you have held back out of fear — and witness how life flourishes in its presence.

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Allow yourself to overflow with love.

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