Have a romantic love affair with life.

Life has always been, and will always be, your closest partner. She is with you, right now, loving you and holding you, through the good times and the bad. So, how are you treating her?

Are you loving the beautiful being that is your precious Life? Are you showering her with praise, appreciation, and adoration? Or, are you critical, disapproving, and disavowing?

What kind of relationship are you maintaining with life? Is it playful and delightful, difficult and challenging, or perhaps staid and boring?

Your relationship with life is what you make of it, because life is here loving you — either way. It is your responsibility, how you choose to embrace or refuse your closest partner. It is you who are accountable for your most intimate relationship, because life has already made the decision to love you — and to keep loving you — unconditionally.

So, revel in your relationship with life! Have it be the most romantic love affair you can imagine! Show your love for life by showering her with praise, appreciation, and adoration. Bring forth the sparkle in her eyes and the joy in her heart, without condition — nor hesitation.

Serenade her with the song of your heart and kiss her sweetly, as you continuously announce to the world — your undying devotion.

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Have a romantic love affair with life.

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