Innocence means unconditioned and unexpected.

The delightfulness of innocence resides in the experiencing of surprises. When you do not know what to expect and you do not presuppose, every experience is a magical discovery.

It is only when we accumulate expectations and become conditioned to things being as we think they were that magic dissipates into familiarity.

It is by freeing ourselves from the weight of our expectations and the burdens of our conditioning that we are able to live a magical life. So, why doesn’t everyone choose to do so?

When we seek safety, we seek it in what is familiar to us. We rely upon our expectations and conditioning to assess potential threats and offer us potential for security.

It is only when we believe ourselves to be safe that we are able to return to the magic of innocence.

While your body may be harmed as it changes throughout its lifetime, your soul is always safe. So, know that you are your eternal soul and not your ever-changing body. Know that you are an infinite being, an individuation of consciousness itself.

Magic is your birthright. So, love your body, while freeing yourself of conditions and expectations — and welcome the magic of innocence into your life.

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Innocence means unconditioned and unexpected.

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