Truth will always guide your way, with love.

Truth is the state of reality. It exists beyond anyone’s ideas — or beliefs. That is why you can only align yourself towards truth, rather than contain it in your mind.

When you align yourself towards truth, it gives you a sense of direction, sort of like a compass, helping you to go forward with greater confidence. Just as the existence of North does not prevent you from going in any other direction, the existence of truth does not prevent you from acting on any of an infinite number of falsehoods.

What makes truth so different from any alternative direction is that falsehoods depend on people to believe in them in order to maintain their stability. Yet, what is true is always true, regardless of anyone’s beliefs. This allows truth to be not merely a direction to move towards — but also a foundation to grow from and build upon.

A life built on falsehoods is a life built on a landslide. Often, the mere softening of a few beliefs is all it takes to send a foundation of falsehoods crashing into reality.

Yet, truth always remains solid, reliable, and trustworthy. Truth exists to support your growth, to lovingly provide you with a healthy direction for growth — as well as a stable foundation to rely upon and thrive upon. The solidity, reliability, and trustworthiness of truth are why truth will always guide your way, with love.

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Truth will always guide your way, with love.

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