How to Live Well : an Introduction to Wellness

How to Live Well

an Introduction to Wellness
  • 5 Weeks of Lessons

    Learn what true wellness is

  • 5 Lessons per Week

    Focusing on personal wellness

  • 20 Minutes per Lesson

    Each lesson includes a short exercise

  • Week 1

    Personal Physical Wellness

  • Week 2

    Personal Emotional Wellness

  • Week 3

    Personal Mental Wellness

  • Week 4

    Personal Spiritual Wellness

  • Week 5

    Expanding Awareness

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Feel. Love. Now...

Feel. Love. Now... Online

This program turns the book into a complete online intensive training program:

  • 18 Weeks of Training

    Create a life of wellness physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

  • 3 Sections

    Each section has its own focus, teaching you how to feel, love, and be present

  • Weekly Lessons

    Deepen your understanding of yourself

  • Daily Practices

    Train your body and self-awareness

  • Weekly Questions

    Deepen your self knowledge

  • Weekly Reviews

    Make sure you’ve mastered the material

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