Truth vibrates at the highest spiritual frequency.

Have you ever felt the ringing of truth, how it resounds like a bell within you?

When you know truth, you know because you feel truth, not because you think truth.

What you may or may not want to believe does not matter to truth, because what is true is always true — regardless of anyone’s beliefs.

Light is true, because light is real. Darkness is false, because darkness is merely the inability to perceive what is true. Even though a blindfold can block light from reaching your eyes, it does not and cannot prevent the light from actually and truly existing.

Spiritual frequency determines the amount of truthful information that a flow of information is able to convey. Like with radio communications, the higher the frequency of a signal, the more data it can transmit over its duration.

Lower spiritual frequencies provide you with less truthful information — and less truthful information makes it more likely that you will use your imagination to fill in the missing pieces.

So, open yourself to feel fully. Let truth come to you and receive it with open arms. Have the courage to face the truth — and you will ultimately be met with love.

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Truth vibrates at the highest spiritual frequency.

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