Give yourself permission to be you.

When we judge something as good or bad, better or worse, we do so in order to identify ourselves. By having preferences, we distinguish ourselves from others, each one having their own preferences.

What happens, then, when we judge ourselves? If we judge ourselves as good or bad, better or worse than anyone else, we are only identifying ourselves, not improving ourselves nor loving ourselves.

To love ourselves is to fulfill a knowing and desire to increase our ability to function. Loving ourselves involves making choices that facilitate our increased well-being, the same way that loving a child involves making choices that facilitate their well-being.

When we judge ourselves as bad or somehow worse than others, we imply the need to be better. We imply that being ourselves is not good enough, that we do not have permission to be as we are.

Self improvement does not require self judgement, only a desire to grow in a given direction. You thrive when you are thoroughly loved, not when you are thoroughly judged.

So, give yourself permission to be you, just as you are. Give yourself the space you need to grow — and nourish yourself with the abundance of love in your heart.

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Give yourself permission to be you.

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